...bespoke musical instruments beautifully hand-crafted in Ireland by a true Irish artisan.

Email: martin@martinpreshaw.com
Irish callers:  085 129 6847
International callers:  00353 85 129 6847 

For Sale

D 1/2 Set

(Sold)  D Half Set

A half set pitched in concert pitch D made from brass, African Blackwood and alternative ivory.

This is the first set of 2018 made for a UK customer who unfortunately was unable to follow through with his order.  The set has been fully trimmed in alternative ivory which has a lattice very close to the grain structure of ivory.  The chanter has been fitted with C and F natural keys.  ABW is a supreme exotic timber which turns well and gives an excellent finish as evidenced in the pictures.  It comes with bag and bellows and is available immediately.

Photos and video/ audio demonstration available here.

I can be contacted on 085 129 6847 for Irish customers and 00353 85 129 6847 for UK and international customers.

C 3/4 Set (Coming in March 2018)

(For Sale)  Available March 2018 

C 3/4 set in ebony, nickel silver and trimmed with new alt ivory mounts.   This set comes with the Taylor Bros new shuttle drone design which is exceptionally comfortable resting on the lap.  Pictures of this style of drone available to view on my FB page from December 2017.  All enquiries to martin@martin preshaw.com and/or 00353 85 12 6847. 

Half Set in C

A half set pitched in C made circa 2008 in Ebony, brass and alt.ivory.  The aesthetic of the bore design is one that I still follow today.  The pipes have been cleaned, re-hemped, reeded and had a new bag fitted.  They are available to ship/collect.  I am acting as an intermediary in the sale and payments are to be made directly to the customer via BACS or cheque.  Please contact for further information.

Easter B 3/4 Set, July 2015


Ebony with Boxwood Mounts, Rosewood Mainstock and hand-rolled brass metalware. 4-key chanter. This set won The 2015 Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Award for craftmanship in Great Britain. The award was given personally by HRM Prince Charles to Martin Preshaw in May of 2015.

More Images and Recordings...

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