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B 1/2 Set (Coming in October 2017)

(Sold) Available for collection or shipping October 2017:  A half set pitched in B-natural: fashioned from boxwood, brass metal ware with hand-rolled metal sliders, fully mounted in Elforyn alternative ivory and with a fully-keyed (all hand forged) chanter.  This is a truly exquisite instrument with a tone and aesthetic seldom equalled in modern union pipes. 

This is an indication of what the piper may expect: 

The Clumsy Lover

Easter B 3/4 Set, July 2015


Ebony with Boxwood Mounts, Rosewood Mainstock and hand-rolled brass metalware. 4-key chanter. This set won The 2015 Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Award for craftmanship in Great Britain. The award was given personally by HRM Prince Charles to Martin Preshaw in May of 2015.

More Images and Recordings...

07 IMG 6966 006

Concert D Chanters

  • (Sold) Rosewood chanter with boxwood mounts, wooden top, nickel silver metalware including C-nat key.
  • (Sold) Rosewood chanter with alt. ivory mounts, wooden top, nickel silver meatlware including C-nat key.
  • (Sold) Ebony chanter, alt. ivory mounts, nickel silver metalware including C-nat key.
  • (Sold) Ebony chanter, box wood mounts, brass metal ware, wooden top, and 4 keys, F-nat, C-nat G# and A#.
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