...bespoke musical instruments beautifully hand-crafted in Ireland by a true Irish artisan.

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The Sound of the Uilleann Pipes

BBC Your Place And Mine radio interview with Martin Preshaw, by Anne Marie McAleese, on October 31, 2015.

http://bbc.in/1PXs56L  Interview begins at 19:24.

"The 'pipes of the elbow' as they're called sometimes, because of the way they're played and doing that isn't easy - never mind, making a set of them, very complicated instruments.  Only about 6 or 7 people in the world are real, expert pipemakers.  And one of them lives in Fermanagh, near Kesh, a mile or so from Donegal.  Martin Preshaw has made uilleann pipes for musicians in Russia, China, America, Canada and France - as well as here.  He does it all near the house, a special place that as Helen Mark discovered, inspires him."

The sound of the uilleann pipes


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